Soundless Whisper

Soundless Whisper began their journey in 2010 with a vision to create heavy rock with complex drums/bass with a lyrical message of assurance, hope and comfort.  Zharlie and Fredrik had played in various bands together before, but found this project to become something very special. Fredrik’s main strengths is arrangement, refinement and production, while Zharlie’s main strengths is lyrics and music-writing, laying guitars and vocals. Fredrik’s brother Mikael started playing drums when he was three years old and has been a great contributor to the a-bit-out-of-the-box rhythm compositions.  Nathanael was asked to play bass because he is a solid bass player and there was confidence he would take this project to another level. 

It’s taken a while but now the full-length album is produced and ready for launch.

While this album has its own unique sound, there is no denying that bands like Evanescence, Europe, Saviour Machine and Petra are some of the influences.

Ideas evolved and landed in some kind of heavy gothic metal with female fronted vocals. Zharlie and Fredrik grew up listening to Petra and are now excited to be able to present vocalist John Schlitt as guest vocalist. With powerful vocals together with really personal and meaningful lyrics to recognize oneself in, this album won’t leave anyone untouched!

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