Stop Running


yet again, you find yourself in an empty room
the bags are packed, you are so ready to leave
once you get away, everything will be so much better
it’s so nice to get to leave this all behind

it’s so great to start anew in a place where no one knows you
you can smile and improvise and there’ll be a while
before they can read through your lies

when it’s time to face your reasons
you can’t run forever
you can’t hide from your own soul
there’s both good and bad each season
don’t blame weather when you sleep with fever
and your soul feels like a black hole

sooner or later you will find – wherever you run
the one thing that always remains is the blood in your veins

so stop running and start facing the person in the mirror
there is love enough to fill the void in your steel mill
so stop running and start chasing the silent voice within
it’s been here all along all these years whispering in your ears

Behind the lyrics

This song is not only about a person who moves from place to place, but about someone who looks for fast solutions and suppresses problems. It’s how I lived my life for many years. This song is about daring to face your problems wherever you are and that God is with you everywhere and tries to lead you even when you don’t know it.

Be still and know that I am God.

– Psalm 46:10
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